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For emergency communication without power, use the ‘fog’

For natural disasters that knock out power—and therefore the internet—researchers have devised a new way of gathering and sharing information that doesn’t rely on electricity.

Using computing power built into mobile phones, routers, and other hardware, emergency managers and first responders will be able to share and act on information gathered from people affected by hurricanes, tornados, floods, and other disasters.

“Increasingly, data gathered from passive and active sensors that people carry with them, such as their mobile phones, is being used to inform situational awareness in a variety of settings,” says Kishore Ramachandran, a computer science professor at Georgia Tech.

“In this way, humans are providing beneficial social sensing services. However, current social sensing services depend on internet connectivity since the services are deployed on central cloud platforms.”

In a paper presented earlier this year at the 2nd International Workshop on Social Sensing, researchers detailed how it may be possible to access centralized services using a decentralized network that leverages the growing amount of computing power at the “edge” of the internet.

The ability will give first responders a huge advantage.

In a flooded area, for example, search and rescue personnel using a geo-distributed network would be able to continuously ping enabled phones, sensors, and other devices in an area to determine exact locations. The data is used to create density maps of people in that search region. The maps would then be used to prioritize and guide emergency response teams.

‘Fog’ or ‘edge’ computing

The proposal takes advantages of edge computing. Also known as fog computing, edge computing places more processing capabilities in sensing devices—like surveillance cameras, embedded pavement sensors, and others, as well as in consumer devices like cell phones, readers, and tablets—in order to improve network latency between sensors, apps, and users.

Rather than just being able to communicate through the internet with central cloud platforms, the researchers demonstrated that by harnessing edge computing resources, sensing devices can be enabled to identify and communicate with other sensors in an area.

‘Deep learning’ goes faster with organized data

“We believe fog computing can become a potent enabler of decentralized, local social sensing services that can operate when internet connectivity is constrained,” Ramachandran says.

“This capability will provide first responders and others with the level of situational awareness they need to make effective decisions in emergency situations.”

3 components

The team has proposed a generic software architecture for social sensing applications that is capable of exploiting the fog-enabled devices. The design has three components—a central management function that resides in the cloud, a data processing element placed in the fog infrastructure, and a sensing component on the user’s device.

It’s not enough to simply run a centralized social sensing service on a number of parallel fog nodes, the researchers say.

“Rather, the social sensing service has to become a distributed service capable of discovering available fog nodes and building a network that aggregates and shares information between social sensors that are connected to different fog nodes,” says computer science PhD student Harshit Gupta.

Beyond emergency response during natural disasters, the proposed fog architecture can also benefit communities with limited or no internet access. These include applications for public transportation management, job recruitment, and housing.

High-frequency chip makes fastest internet speeds look slow

Another possible application of the new approach is monitoring sensing devices in remote areas.

To monitor far-flung devices in areas with no internet access, a bus could be outfitted with fog-enabled sensing capabilities. As it travels in remote areas it would collect data from sensing devices. Once in range of internet connectivity, the “data mule” bus would upload the information to the centralized cloud-based platforms.

“In places that did not benefit from the first wave of cloud-based social sensing services, our hope is that these communities can leapfrog having to rely solely on the internet and directly use fog-based services,” Ramachandran says.

Source: Georgia Tech

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This hotel thinks 10-pound donuts are the secret to attracting millennials

Start working on saying “Mmm, donuts” in your best Homer Simpson voice. The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California, has decided the best way to attract millennials to their desert outpost is to lure them with donuts–like the bait in some sort of sugar-filled Bugs Bunny trap. The hotel has unveiled a new service that will send a 10-pound sprinkle-covered donut to your hotel room to eat in secret. The package also includes a $50/night resort credit to use toward braving the spa for a donut detox (or maybe other things like eating a salad).

Book here or if you can handle the judgmental looks from the delivery driver, or just order 10 pounds of donuts to be delivered to your house.


general design discussion • The Human Aura

Since ancient times we have seen images and paintings of diverse spiritual leaders crossways various traditions however one thing that is common amongst all of them is the halo that environs their head which is recognized as the Aura- energy arena. It not only surrounds just the head however also extends all round your body. This aura signifies your physical, emotional mental, as well as divine energies.

The aura is frequently seen a mix of fine colored frequencies wherever each color defines its own distinct nature plus characteristics. The shaking of this aura is actually fine and delicate so we need very fine tools to detect it otherwise may be we can use our inborn instinctive mechanism plus our latent psychic perspective to train ourselves not merely to see the aura however also to interpret the diverse colours and forms in the aura which can disclose us a lot of unspoken information

What Is the Human Aura?

The human aura is an area of subtle, glowing radiation adjacent us and spreading outer from our physical form. Auras are connected to the electromagnetic area of the body plus serve as a visual amount of our mental, expressive, physical plus spiritual states.

Everything that we do otherwise think touches the aura so it is typically in a state of flux, always changing, founded on our mental meanderings plus physical health. The aura is moreover affected by the energies of the atmosphere, the force fields of the world and the radio frequencies that interpenetrate all methods of a matter. The aura is an electric signature of who we are.

The Color of the Human Aura

The colors of the aura might glow and discharge with joy and energy as we keep a state of holiness in God. Or the colors might become dull, constructed and stultified once we are gloomy, while we allow ourselves to be unhappy when we criticize or see life as less than lovely.

Appreciation strengthens the aura as the heart originates a pink plus golden sun-like happiness. And at other times while we put ourselves down otherwise enter into the criticism of others, the size and happiness of our auras lessen. Holding imageries and ideas of ourselves as well as others as less than entire also impinges on our aptitude to send out auric areas of light energy that bless plus uplift.

Thoughts, Feelings, Diet as well as the Human Aura

Diet has an influence on the aura. But more prominently, what we take in with our eyes and ears and whatever we think affects the power and pattern of the aura. While we put our courtesy upon God and all that this period represents for us, the rotating of our chakras quickens and a resonance with the potentials of God starts to cleanse the aura plus expand it.

The Human Aura as well as the Chakras

The chakras are similar generating stations inside us. Alike to the mitochondria, those organelle control houses which reside inside each human cell, these places of light can be an excessive self-regenerating emphasis.

We can imagine our chakras every day. And as we emphasis on a precise chakra, we see its petals rotating and then quickening in perfect balance and equilibrium. We see the entire radiance of these seven main generating stations increasing and blessing ourselves as well as all those who drive within our range of influence.

The excellence of our prayers is reliant on the excellence of our heart, our awareness…and, so, our aura. If we wish to be of superior service and efficacy, if we wish to perform alchemical feats for the good of manhood, we must first go inside, self-assess as well as get in balance. We must appear to our chakras and wash them every day in the light of God. In order, their acceleration will make a rise and expansion in an awareness that is transformational.

The entirety of who we are is transmission to the world over the aura that discharges out from us, even though maximum persons do not see this aurora borealis-similar light show around themselves and others. And if we wish to upsurge the beauty, intensity as well as a size of our aura, it will definitely occur as we emphasize more and more on all that is optimistic, kind, considerate, forgiving, and just as well as loving.
spirit Secret

Spotify and Hulu bundle together for one dirt-cheap music and TV streaming plan

If Spotify’s latest move is any indication, you should expect to see more media streaming services bundled together. The music subscription market leader just announced a partnership with Hulu wherein eligible college students can get Spotify Premium and Hulu’s TV and movie library for a mere $5 per month. This combo of all-you-can-stream entertainment would normally cost at least $18 per month (or $22 if you opt for Hulu’s commercial-free tier), so this is quite a deal. As we enter the back-to-school season (and the fourth financial quarter of the year for these companies), it’s bound to give each service’s subscriber count at least a small boost.

Yes, the new Spotify/Hulu bundle is only available to college students, but a press release sent out by Spotify says that this is just the “first step” in the new partnership toward “offerings targeted at the broader market.” As Spotify gears up to go public later this year or early next–and braces to see if Apple has any new music subscriber numbers to share at its iPhone launch event next week–it can use all the new sign-ups it can get.

MIT Invented A New Kind Of Robot Memory

To truly collaborate with people, robots need to learn to think like them.

Alexa and Siri are good for some things, but their help only goes so far. You can order a new shirt or arrange a cleaning service through them, but you can’t ask them to wash the top you wore yesterday or put your favorite sheets on the bed. That would require a robot–with a much, much smarter brain.

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portfolios • Re: Website question

If you don’t have much web dev experience I would suggest biting the bullet and paying for a service like squarespace. See it as a investment in your career. It will 95% of the time look better than what you can code on your own especially for someone just starting out in web dev. If your really dead set on learning to code your own website develop it on the side after you’ve already set up a website through a web design platform.

I checked out the link you provided above and while I appreciate the time you put into coding it on your own, it’s distracting from your awesome work. Employers aren’t hiring you because you can code a kick ass website they are hiring you for your ID design skills….. Your website should emphasize your awesome work not your web dev skills.

Iceland is the first country to cut the red tape for delivery drones

Drone company Flytrex and online retailer AHA have partnered up to roll out the world's first ...

This week we’re a step closer to a future where snacks can be air-dropped to us within minutes of ordering. While Amazon and other companies are busy navigating through the red tape required to get drones buzzing through the urban skies with their pizza payloads, the Icelandic city of Reykjavik has become the first in the world to be served by commercial delivery flights.

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general design discussion • Re: NPR’s – How I Built This

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Is Your Software Secretly Racist? Now, Scientists Can Tell

Scientists are learning how to sniff out biased algorithms using clever code.

Last year, Amazon was figuring out where it should offer free same-day delivery service to reach the greatest number of potential Prime customers. So the company did what you’d expect: It used software to analyze all sorts of undisclosed metrics about each neighborhood, ultimately selecting the “best” based on its calculations. But soon journalists discovered that, time and time again, Amazon was excluding black neighborhoods

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NASA completes space communications network

NASA’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-M (TDRS-M) lifting off from Cape Canaveral

NASA’s next-generation orbital tracking and communications network has been completed, with the sixth and final Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) blasted into orbit on Friday. The Boeing-built TDRS-M lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket. It is reported to be in good health and will enter service next year after a four-month checkout.

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