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Google Thinks The Future Of The Web Is . . . Email

Google is making email a lot more interactive, to save you all those confusing clicks.

When was the last time you were lost on your smartphone? Because for me, it was just this morning. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or email itself, I end up tapping something that takes me to a web page stuck inside an app, and I’m left scratching my head, wait, aren’t I just on the web? What app am I in again?

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NBC’s Jennifer Salke is the new head of Amazon Studios

Amazon has announced former NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke as the new head of its TV and film studios. Since Roy Price stepped down from the position last fall amid sexual harassment allegations, Amazon Studios COO Albert Cheng served as the interim head while the search for a permanent replacement drew several candidates, including A+E Networks’ Nancy Dubuc, YouTube’s Susanne Daniels, and Sony’s Amy Pascal.

Salke is taking over at an interesting time for Amazon Studios, as Jeff Bezos is cracking down on his vision for bigger, more Game of Thrones-like content.

Are woodpeckers giving themselves brain damage?

A new study has found a build-up of tau proteins in the brains of woodpeckers – ...

Humans can sustain a concussion from a force as low as 60 G’s, and if head trauma occurs continuously over the course of years – say, from a career playing American Football – then permanent and devastating brain injuries can follow. But the humble woodpecker inflicts forces of over 1,000 G’s on itself regularly, so how does it protect itself from brain damage? According to a new study, it doesn’t.

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Curiosity looks back on its 5-year journey with sweeping panorama

A section of the huge new panorama taken by Curiosity, which reveals much of the rover's ...

Curiosity has had quite a journey since it touched down on Mars in August 2012, and now the little rover that could has taken a moment to look back. Literally. From its perch on a ridge partway up Mount Sharp, Curiosity has snapped a panorama of Gale Crater, capturing many of the geological features the rover has explored and investigated over the years.

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Miki Agrawal’s Tushy Party Was A Celebration Of Assholes

“I’m an asshole! Who are you?”

As I set foot in Miki Agrawal’s loft apartment on a cold Thursday night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, my eyes adjust to the dim lighting as I’m greeted by a woman clad in a nude bodysuit. Her face peeks through what I soon realize is buttocks-shaped headgear. Agrawal is hosting something of a coming-out party for her company Tushy, which makes bidet attachments.

[Photo: Pavithra Mohan]

The event is perhaps also something of a comeback party for Agrawal, who seems to have laid relatively low in the press since harassment allegations in 2017 resulted in her resignation from Thinx, the “period underwear” company she founded in 2011. (She also had a baby last year.) Back at Thinx, Agrawal was accused of a litany of questionable behaviors, including taking video meetings on the toilet and grabbing an employee’s breast (part of a sexual harassment complaint that was “resolved” and “dismissed,” according to the plaintiff’s attorney).

Tushy’s flagship product is a $69 bidet attachment that you can install beneath your toilet seat. But right now, it’s moonlighting as a vodka dispenser, hooked up to a toilet–unused, I hope–that is on display in the kitchen, right next to some poop-shaped cookies freshly baked by a Tushy employee.

[Photo: Pavithra Mohan]

On one side of her apartment, a nude model is lounging on his stomach atop a red velvet blanket, posing for a painter. Arranged beside him are red roses and a pillow in the shape of the poop emoji. Tushy’s head of marketing, Carrie Yang, tells me in passing that she thinks the poop emoji helped people become more comfortable talking about poop.

In another room, a model strikes a similar pose. She’s surrounded by five mirrors, which Agrawal explains are meant to encourage people to stop and “pay attention to a body part that gets little attention.” She is referring, of course, to the human buttock. Some attendees opt for the free butt massages on offer from a professional masseuse, Yang tells me, in the bedroom upstairs. Others get in line for an “anus spirit animal reading”–essentially a sphincter-centric tarot spread.

Later, as you might expect from an event championing the asshole, an educator from a sex store called Pleasure Chest conducts a demonstration of safe anal play. (When I left, I was handed a goodie bag complete with lube, body oil, and gloves for that purpose.) It started with a call-and-response, which attendees participated in with gusto:

“When I say ‘butt,’ you say ‘sex’!”

“When I say ‘ass,’ you say ‘hole’!”

Before the night wraps, Agrawal takes the floor in front of her guests, who range from entrepreneurs to reporters, and makes the case for Tushy’s bidets. She cites environmental concerns: making a single toilet paper roll uses up 37 gallons of water, she says. Agrawal also points to health issues that may be related to the use of toilet paper, like hemorrhoids and anal fissures. As with Thinx, Tushy has partnered with a nonprofit organization–this time with India-based Samagra. Every Tushy sold helps fund clean sanitation facilities for communities on the subcontinent.

[Photo: Pavithra Mohan]

Agrawal is optimistic that people will adopt the bidet. She claims Tushy’s bidets recently launched on the Home Shopping Network and sold out in just 10 minutes. “[That] means America is absolutely ready for the bidet–middle America, not just New Yorkers,” she declares. Tushy is also releasing a travel bidet and baby bidet, which Agrawal teased when we spoke last year and touts as a superior alternative to wet wipes.

As Agrawal cues up a promotional Tushy video, her 6-month-old son starts crying. “I would just put him on the boob right now,” she gripes, “but that could end up as a headline.”

A First Look At The Spheres, Amazon’s Wild New Corporate Biodome

Stuffed with foliage rather than gadgetry, the company’s newest office space is unlike anything that it–or anyone else–has ever built.

When I toured the Amazon Spheres with one of the building’s lead architects, its head horticulturist, and Amazon’s real-estate chief, they didn’t conceal their delight while showing off botanic and design treasures in the gem-like building. The three interlocked glass-and-steel geodesic domes are filled with a combination of ordinary and exotic plants mixed together in the kind of harmony typically found in long-established and richly endowed horticultural collections at institutions such as the Huntington Library in California or public collections such as the United States Botanic Garden in Washington D.C.

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Rotational 3D printing spins out stronger structures

Harvard engineers have demonstrated a new 3D printing technique that allows users to finely tune the arrangement of short fibers in the printed material. The spinning printer head gives the technique the name “rotational 3D printing,” and according to the team the fibers in the ink can be arranged in different orientations at different parts of the printed object, in order to boost its strength, stiffness and resistance to damage.

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projects • Re: Marumado Lamp – Ring Joint Desk Lamp

the size relationship between the head, arm and base is off.


Tube bent interior objects are incredibly passé, but I like the simplicity and elegance of the chair you are starting out with.
That having said, I don’t see much of that lightweight elegance back in your design. And you are not respecting the circle as much by splitting it into two smaller circles as well as breaking each circle up into two materials and sizes. The circle is a much more fundamental part of that chair’s visuospatial design than it is of your design. Can you find a way to show more of the circle, perhaps it can fork around the plastic pieces.

I do understand the implementation of OLEDs to conjoin with the idea of a lightweight design in line with a friction-based hinge. Can you explore more to bring out the qualities of the OLED panel?

Nevertheless, I don’t find the idea of a friction based joint very elegant at all. The functionality of the joint is all in the materiality and you have to start early researching this and generating a proof-of-concept to show your concept is even viable.
Which materials are you going to use and how much momentum can they bear based on their static and dynamic friction properties? Also you have to take into account manufacturing tolerances and variations in thermal expansion between the metal and the plastic. A silicone insert piece will be a good solution to ensure a minimum amount of static friction, can you find other means to ensure consistent functionality?

I like the power button, very simplistic. Why red?


Kenzo’s Muse, Ikea’s Pregnancy Test: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

You know how to say “consistent” in Swedish? Ikea and Åkestam Holst. Okay, not a straight translation (it’s actually konsekvent) but the insanely creative run of kooky and just plain awesome work the furniture giant and Stockholm-based agency has churned out over the last year or so is impressive. From Game of Thrones rugs and fashion-forward blue bags, to human catalogs and emotionally engaging ads, they’ve run the gamut. Now this week they launched an ad that requires you to pee on it. A crib ad that’s also a pregnancy test, in which the price changes to 50% if the result is positive? Oh, baby. Onward!

Ikea “Pee Ad”

What: An Ikea print ad for cribs that’s also a pregnancy test.

Who: Ikea, Åkestam Holst

Why we care: Developed with Mercene Labs, the ad is just the latest example of Ikea playing with media platforms–see their edible cookbook or their instructions to turn a rug into a coat fit for the Night’s Watch.

Kenzo “Yo! My Saint”

What: A new short film from Kenzo, in support of its spring/summer 2018 collection, features original music from Karen O.

Who: Kenzo, director Ana Lily Amirpour, Karen O

Why we care: Kenzo creative directors (and Fast Company‘s Most Creative People honorees) Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are at it again, with a mesmerizing mix of visuals and music. Not as unexpected as Spike Jonze’s batsh*t awesome dance or Carrie Brownstein’s social media culture commentary, the film stars Jessica Henwick (Game of Thrones, Iron Fist, Star Wars) and musician Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches, Love Theme), and really, it’s just a trippy cool ode to creativity.

Wealthsimple “Aubrey Plaza: Money Diaries”

What: A new round of Errol Morris-helmed money diaries, this time mixing regular folks with celebrities like Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Bryan Tyree Henry, and Alex Karpovsky.

Who: Wealthsimple

Why we care: I’ve been a fan of this campaign, and Wealthsimple’s overall brand vibe, for a while, and here we have another series of spots that aim to bring some real talk to money management. It’s nice to hear that Plaza, Henry, Duplass, and Karpovsky seem just as confused, thoughtful, and curious about money as the rest of us.

Volvo “The Goldman Brothers: Call My Name”

What: A new music video for The Goldman Brothers that also just happens to be an ad for Volvo’s V40 model.

Who: Volvo, director Tal Zagreba

Why we care: Another interesting example of a brand testing the waters of collaboration in the name of finding ways to get a marketing message into content people actually want to watch. It’s a delicate dance. If I watched this video as a Goldman Brothers fan, I may not have even noticed the car. After I knew it was funded by Volvo, it all started to look like an elaborate car ad. But the fact it’s fun, isn’t offensively commercial, and isn’t trying to beat us over the head with a Volvo-branded two-by-four is worthy of praise.

Adidas Originals “EQT Support 93/Berlin”

[Photo: courtesy of Adidas]

What: A limited-edition Adidas originals shoe that not only incorporates the seat cover design of Berlin’s public transportation system (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe or BVG), but also has an annual pass to ride it embedded right in it.

Who: Adidas Originals, Jung Von Matt

Why we care: Best transit pass ever.

software and technology • Re: Methods in Solidworks

There are quite a few presentation that you can pull down on these, among others, to choose from “Solidworks world presentations”.

That said good file management is paramount is going to key no matter which method is chosen. Top Down, Bottom Up, or Master Model. Some tips to keep in the back of your head….

- Always overbuild and trim back to what you need.
- Better to build a whole surface then break it up rather than build pieces to create the whole.
- Don’t mirror if you can build the whole shape.
- Keep an eye on the “Performance Evaluation” to see what features are taking “a long time” to rebuild.
- “Enable the Freeze bar” (Systems Options—->General) but don’t just use this as a crutch for bad modeling techniques. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
- If you “have” to have a pattern of 1000 holes create it but make a configuration with it suppressed and an alternate version with a possible graphics texture version of it.
- Generally save fillets towards the end of the modeling.
- Use features and not sketch fillets if possible. A lot more levels of functionality and can always suppress/unsuppress features.
- Generally larger fillets first then smaller ones.
- File “Pack and Go”…this gathers up all files associated with the model, drawings, renderings…etc.
- Give names to features that are important. (we’ve all had extrude 15 at least 100 times and no one knows what that is)

Short and Sweet Snap shot…keep in mind you’re never limited to just one method. Any or all of these can be used in combination but generally not recommend if sharing with others or even for the sake of your own sanity and not creating circular references.

Master Model - one thing to consider is that you don’t have to just take the multi body model right into an assembly. You can also leave out certain details in that first master part file and insert the bodies into a second tier of part files and add the additional details there and then throw these into the assembly. Keep in mind that all dimensions with this method are contained in the master part file and not in the 2nd tier or assembly so if that’s needed for down stream then you’ll have to add in the drawing…possibly use some MDB if applicable. SW HQ would benefit greatly if they’d added this kind of functionality where dimensions can be added to the 3D model to drive it. There’s also no way to make a body within a part file “light weight” or “SpeedPak” which is huge in terms of making larger files easier to work with.

Top Down - Virtual Parts are “great” but confusing if you’re really not paying attention to if a file is or not. Upside is that one part files can drive one, ten, all or on an as needed basis. Generally not a good idea to reuse models made in this way unless it’s saved out as a different file name and all external references are broken. (once broken this can’t be undone). Because the other files can be loaded as light weight or even SpeedPak this “can” ease up on the strain on your CPU. But again KNOW what’s weighing down your computer through the performance evaluation, what you think it is and what it could be can sometimes be different. For ever external reference made just know that it adds to overall rebuild time.

Bottom Up- The most straight forward method. A lot of this is really product, company, and workflow dependent. Also downstream vendors consideration is always nice. Most “flexible” in terms of possible reuse of models in other projects and also for the creation of drawings if needed. Though the other models can’t be seen, once inserted into an assembly the ability to edit there is totally possible. (POKE POKE…hey SW HQ if you’re reading this, allow for more than one part file to be edited at once).

This really is only scratching the top of the modeling method ice berg but hopefully it’s a start…..