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general design discussion • Re: design on the go – computers

I’ve had the yoga thinkpad p40 for a bit now and its replaced my workstation. SW and powersurfacing plugin also running Freeform modeling plus. The downside is that that my screen has crack ( closed it with popcorn kernal near hinge) and finding a replacement screens are not easy or cheap. Its still cracked and causes the pen to jump to the last half inch and stay a while. I cant really use sketch programs on it becuase od this. Overall its pretty good of you need nvidia quadro and wacom pen.

That hp 360 looks pretty good though!–


portfolios • Re: Portfolio review

Hi Lucas,

You obviously went for a very concepty portfolio and worked on various areas of design.
You show great skills in design and visualization and have some good ideas, for that reason alone I would be interested in hiring you.

What I am missing is a bit more sense of realism in your concepting and more thorough research, for example:
- Who needs 30L for tooth brushing? State your sources whenever you show research data.
- I would like to see more thorough materials research for making your products, especially the faucet and aquatic sampler structure, more rugged.
- How does the technology part of the drones work, does each minidrone have a dedicated image processing chip or is it centralized? It is good to have an overview of technological challenges to implement the best strategy for realization. Also show how the flight dynamics work with a single ducted design.
- Do some aesthetic research to know your target market’s preferences
- You as a designer need to show proof of concept through working prototypes in many cases, and a value proposition – for example, how likely is it that farmers will invest, or the geographers will invest in such a dedicated solution?
- The Oled desk needs to have storage on the sides not intervening with leg space, and I would sit at the other side for proper lighting!

In the end I completely believe most of your concepts though, great work!

Review: Into the fray with Baby Jogger's classy City Go/Mini GT travel system

The City Go capsule and City Mini GT stroller combine to make early parenting a little ...

New Atlas’ Loz Blain has been making babies again, and the good folk at Baby Jogger have been good enough to provide him with a means to carry them about. The City Go/City Mini GT combination travel system is a modular kit that lets you go from home to car to stroller with ease.

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general design discussion • Re: Where to sell high end furniture?

Hi Max,

Congratulations on your designs, they are playful and would fit right into a Muji catalog.
However obviously being high end, I don’t think Etsy is the right platform to sell these on.
I bet you will have more success with a dedicated website, shopify integration and intense Facebook marketing campaigns.

As far as the Plus signs go, they determine your design and often people desire a more modern, flush type of look for their interiors to keep things calm and clean. To avoid associations (Kermit eyes, dead eyes etc.) it is good to stick by a philosophy. In Europe, people often live by ‘calmness, cleanliness, regularity and discipline’ and we want our interiors to reflect these life principles. You would have to research the aesthetic preferences of your market a bit showing them alternatives, and also offering alternatives (materials, colors, details, premium add-ons) in your web store to show that you understand your audience. That is when people will connect and as a result, purchase.

Also retargeting strategies are important especially in markets where people do not buy on first contact, but need some time to decide.
I think these are wonderful and if you approach your marketing well, you will sell.

This smokeless grill makes me want to spend summer on the beach

BioLite’s new fire pit produces less smoke than a conventional fire–plus it has some neat built-in features.

I love to cook directly over flame–the sparks, the light, the heat, the smell, the crackling sound. But like most people, I’m not a fan of smoke getting in my eyes. BioLite’s latest release, the FirePit, promises to provide all of the good stuff and almost none of the smoke.

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general design discussion • Utilize the useful help of live chat agents for better inter

Interaction with the customers matters the most to every company. The world has become so much advanced that it becomes vital for the companies to outshine in front of their target audiences. The better connectivity results in better approach towards experiencing the products and services of a brand. It is crucial for every company to take care of every customer that comes in its way. There are a lot of mediums being utilized by the companies in order to get in touch with the customers on a daily basis. The live chat service is one such medium via which it becomes easier to connect with the online users easily. The live chat agents have been designated to carry forward conversations with the customers online regarding any issues related to the services and products.
Live chat services act as customer care outsourcing whereby, they let the live chat agents interact on an everyday basis with the customers visiting the website. Website chat service has been the exceptional step towards making companies build good customer relations. The interaction matters the most to such companies that are newly developed and wish to designate themselves in the market world.
A lot of companies undertake chat outsource which is essential and quite beneficial in getting a good number of potential leads per hour. A lot of companies due to lack of funds and minimal budget aren’t able to invest a lot in advertising for their respective products and services. For such companies, chat outsource has proven to be a great step undertaken towards increasing customer base.

Silicon-perovskite solar cell cracks new efficiency record

The pyramid shapes of silicon's surface structure is clear in this microscope image

Silicon has long been the go-to material for solar cell technology, and for good reason: It’s inexpensive, it’s stable and it’s efficient. Unfortunately in that last regard silicon is fast approaching its theoretical limit, but pairing it up with other materials could help break through that ceiling. Now, researchers at EPFL and CSEM have developed a new technique for combining silicon and perovskite solar cells, and reported an efficiency of 25.2 percent – a record for that combination.

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Olafur Eliasson’s first building is marvelous

The Danish-Icelandic artist’s architectural studio has built its first building, for the heirs of Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen.

The highly popular, large-scale installation works of Olafur Eliasson are often described as mind-bending, perceptual, and phenomenological—and for good reason. The Danish-Icelandic artist’s otherworldly creations have included everything from New York City Waterfalls, four artificially constructed, 90-foot-tall waterfalls beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, to spatial interventions that play with our senses, like The Weather Project, a monumental installation that simulated a sunny, misty environment in the main turbine hall of London’s Tate Modern.

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Three steps for saying “no” without making it personal

“Sorry, I’d help you if I could, but I’m tied up doing this other thing for someone else.” It’s a common way to beg off new requests, but it may have the unintended consequence of slighting the asker. There’s no doubt you have legitimate reasons for not being available. But there’s still the risk that you’ll make your boss or coworker feel like a low priority when you pass the buck in the process of telling them “no” or “not right now.”

Here’s how to decline an impromptu request without making it personal, bruising egos, or hinting that someone or something just isn’t that important.

Step 1: Stop and listen

When someone asks, “Do you have a minute?” at work, don’t rush past or just keep your head down. Stop, look them directly in the eye, and focus on the conversation. The tendency is to say, “Sorry, I’m in the middle of something” or (staring at the computer screen), “Think it can wait?” But a true test of leadership–at every level of the workforce–is to make time for others even when it isn’t convenient.

So when someone has the courage to reach out to you and ask for a moment of your time, take it as an opportunity to influence and inspire. Give them the time of day–and your full attention.

Step 2: Don’t start with an excuse or play favorites

Whatever you do, resist the urge to let them know you’re working on a project for someone else, even if it happens to be true. Say a customer calls you with a request. Often the first thought that comes to mind is, “I’m super busy with another task, so I can’t get to yours for a while.” Keep that thought to yourself.

Same goes if your boss pops into your office and asks, “Do you have a minute? I’d like to discuss a new project with you.” You might feel overwhelmed with work at that moment, but you’re likely to create resentment if you reply, “Listen, I’m deep into this other project and really have to be out of here by 5:00 today.”

Playing favorites is no better than giving excuses. It’s totally understandable why you’d want to prioritize requests from senior leaders over those of your peers or more junior colleagues. But handling requests for your time based strictly on others’ ranks isn’t a smart idea, either. For example, a manager running from one meeting to another might reply to a subordinate who’s asked for a moment of her time with, “I’ve got a meeting with our VP” or, “Catch me later, I’m heading out to a customer meeting.” What she’s really saying is, “There are more important people than you.”

Team leaders need to show respect not only to the people above them but to those they manage. If a team member sticks his head into your office and asks, “Do you have a minute?” and you’re running to the CEO’s office, say, “Yes, give me an hour and I’ll be back in my office” or, “How about tomorrow morning?”

Step 3: Indicate that you’re supportive (or at least intrigued)

This isn’t the same thing as committing to help, right now or even ever. It’s just a matter of indicating that you’re open to offering support, including if you have to say “no” to this particular request in this particular instance. Your first response should be, “I’d be pleased to help you” or even just, “Tell me more.”

If you’re pressed for time, you might say, “This sounds exciting. Can we meet tomorrow to go over the details?” Show that you’re there to help but need a little more information to decide exactly how. You might realize after sitting down to discuss things later that you’re not the best person to handle the problem. In that case, just make a referral: “I know the perfect person to help with this.”

Then again, you may learn more about the request and decide that you do want to help. Should that happen, you need to be as good as your word–no matter whether it was a longstanding commitment or something you agreed to help with off the cuff. Even if another important task crops up, don’t renege on the promise you’ve already made or swap one commitment for another.

These three steps can help you decline unexpected requests for your time and attention without hurting feelings or communicating the wrong thing. But no matter how haywire things might get around the office every now and then, the key is to make everybody feel like No. 1 in your book, not No. 2–even if you can’t lend a hand this time.