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Snapchat Opens A Store–And Takes Aim At A Trillion-Dollar Industry

The social media company is looking at e-commerce as its next big revenue channel, and it’s starting with some brand-new Jordans.

Snap had limited success selling its own Spectacles glasses, despite releasing special kiosks in cities across the world to launch them. But maybe the company will have more luck with sneakers: tonight at an NBA All-Star event in downtown Los Angeles, Snap began selling Jordan brand shoes within Snapchat. It’s part of a new plan that could one day make Snap a sizable competitor in the $3 trillion world of e-commerce.

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Apple Park Employees Reportedly Can’t Stop Walking Into Its Glass Walls

Maybe everyone at Apple’s new headquarters should be paying attention to real life?

Bloomberg’s Mark Bergen reports on a flaw at Apple’s new headquarters: Distracted employees seem to keep smacking their faces into the perfect glass panes that make up the offices’ interior workspaces, and they’re hurting themselves, “according to people familiar with the incidents.”

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Peek Inside NYC’s New Interactive Spy Museum

You can live out your deepest spy fantasies–including navigating a laser maze–inside the David Adjaye-designed space.

Spyscape, the 60,000 square-foot homage to spycraft located in Midtown Manhattan and designed by Adjaye Associates, is now open for business. And judging by these first images of the finished space, it looks every bit as techie-spooky-cool as we hoped, like an Edward Snowden nightmare crossed with a Chuck E Cheese party.

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How ProPublica Became Big Tech’s Scariest Watchdog

The nonprofit is fighting fire with fire, developing algorithms and bots that hold Facebook and Amazon accountable.

Facebook is a political battleground where Russian operatives work to influence elections, fake news runs rampant, and political hopefuls use ad targeting to reach swing voters. We have no idea what goes on inside Facebook’s insidious black box algorithm, which controls the all-powerful News Feed. Are politicians playing by the rules? Can we trust Facebook to police them? Do we really have any choice?

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This MIT Startup Is Developing A Fitness Tracker For Your Brain

The Embrace smartwatch was designed for epilepsy patients. But its impact could be much broader.

What would it be like if you could look at your watch and catch your mood forecast for the next few days? If you knew your stress levels were likely to be 40% higher tomorrow, would you make sure to go to bed early and get enough sleep? Would you plan to grab coffee with a friend who always makes you laugh early in the day?

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Edible Graphene Is Here, And Electronics In Your Food Are Coming

Using a stock laser, researchers can carve edible circuits into food. Prepare for cuisine that can communicate.

It’s the world’s only man-made 2D material, and physicists believe it could change the way we live. Graphene, a line of carbon that’s a mere atom thick, is several times stronger than steel and 100 times more conductive than copper. But this wonder material has yet to find a breakout application. As the New Yorker put it in 2014, “Graphene may be the most remarkable substance ever discovered. But what is it for?”

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Think Malls Have A Future? See If You Can Save This One Yourself

The painfully clever game American Mall lets you try your hand at reviving a dying retail hub. Let me tell you, it ain’t easy.

I always thought those mall security bots were hilarious. You know, like the one that drowned itself in D.C.? Who in their right mind would ever buy one? That was until I watched 40 businesses in my own mall crumble before my eyes. For a mere $20,000, a security robot could eliminate two whole jobs from my balance sheet–forever.

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How Olympic Figure Skaters Design Their Programs

“The public wants to see someone who loves to skate,” says choreographer Marni Halasa. But each program also takes months to design and perfect.

There are very few sports that have the glitzy glamour of figure skating. Nothing quite captivates the imagination like the costumes, drama, and personalities of this rarified world–all of which are burned into the memory of the public during the skating programs of the Olympic Games.

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This Photo Of A Single Atom Just Blew My Mind

The photo received a top science photography award–and made me ponder my own existence in the universe.

If you really zoom into the middle of this image you’ll see a tiny pixel. That little spot is not a mote of dust on the camera lens or an imperfection on the sensor. No, that thing is one single atom, floating in the air, confined by an ion trap–an invisible electric field that is used to capture particles–emitting blue light because it is positively charged.

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