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How Machine Learning Will Unlock The Future Of 3D Printing

A two-year-long quest to 3D print a steel bridge in Amsterdam signals what the technology can–and can’t–do.

Remember how just five years ago it seemed like 3D printing was going to take over the world? How it seemed like we’d have 3D-printed cars that we’d be parking in our 3D-printed houses? Things didn’t seem to work out so much. But even while the hype died, companies have been steadily working on the technology.

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An IoT Company Founded On A Radical Premise: Products Built To Last

Smart kids’ products parents won’t toss after six months? That’s the promise of Bleep Bleeps, a small British company that sells toothbrushes, nightlights, and other items that age with the child.

Nearly five years ago, Tom Evans, a young parent and veteran creative director, noticed what seemed like a branding problem with kids’ gear: Parents buy a ton of stuff, but none of it fits together. A toothbrush is a different thing from a nightlight, for example–but they’re all part of this universe of problems that parents solve everyday. His solution was Bleep Bleeps, a company founded on the idea of making everything parents need into a suite of cheerful products that kids could recognize–and want.

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How To Preserve An App For 100 Years

The V&A Museum acquires WeChat for its permanent collection–and has a clever preservation technique that ensures we’re saving today’s culture for tomorrow’s anthropologists.

WeChat–China’s largest social media platform–is officially part of design history. Friday, the V&A Museum, in London, announced that it acquired the WeChat app for its permanent collection.

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Coca-Cola’s Headquarters Have A Refreshing New Look

The company taps Gensler to spruce up its Atlanta offices with communal areas, treadmill desks, and recycled glass bottle flooring.

Over its 131-year history, Coca-Cola has reinvented itself time and again, first as a remedy for ailments, then as a beverage, then as a marketing machine selling refreshment, youth, and happiness.

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This Is Where Cassini Died And Its Legend Was Born

An ode to the incredible engineering of NASA’s largest deep space vessel.

This is where Cassini plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere in a blaze of glory. After 19 years and 335 days in space—most of it spent spinning around the Saturnian System—Cassini took this one last photo as she descended into the atmosphere of the ringed planet. “This is where I will die, my friends,” I can imagine her thinking as she patiently beamed it back to Earth, “It was good while it lasted, right?”

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