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general design discussion • Re: Machines v. Humans

Well…A handmade boat will have more human spirit, but you will also need more spirit not crashing it into the rocks when storm hits.
You can also turn your attention to a superhuman god-like perfection, but that doesn’t mean you won’t drown.
Therefore you need experts that can integrate form, function and human interaction – the industrial designer.

general design discussion • Re: 3D printer for my home

What we are really all waiting for is desktop SLS machines with a decent build volume.

Meanwhile, the Prusa i3 is fantastic! It is fast and can work with many different materials including Filaflex. The quality is awesome.
I also recommend Wanhao, am still very happily running a 5s Mini.
The CR-10 is less reliable.

The most important thing is that you buy a trusted brand.
Check out the discussions on as well.

consumer products • Re: Hearing aids – inconspicuous or fashion accessory?

Yes, I am very much for a hearing aid designed as fashion/jewelry item.
The difficulty is testing the market because you are much more likely to get false positives since there is a large gap between product affinity and buying behavior.
Customers may individually respond positively to a product but a lot more factors determine whether they will actually adopt the product.
In the fashion world, shopping simulations need to be set up to accurately test responses without bias.

I have followed several projects including one of our students’:

The most important thing is that with stigmatizing medical products, people don’t want to show it as having a medical function.
So, you need to design it like something anonymous or a different product (ear jewelry or earphones for example)
Then there is the workflow towards manufacturing but that aspect has opened up since over 90% of hearing aid devices worldwide are now 3D printed.
Let us hear from you throughout the project!


consumer products • Re: Hearing aids – inconspicuous or fashion accessory?

iab wrote:
Your first job as an IDer and you want your personal opinion to drive the design?

That deserves a whole thread in itself….

Meanwhile, for anyone in Portland- “Design Museum Portland and the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) are pleased to announce the opening of Bespoke Bodies: Bespoke Bodies: The Design & Craft of Prosthetics


Worth a look.

footwear & softgoods • Re: Sketch-Fu: Men’s Footwear

I disagree. There have been plenty of new brands like Allbirds and Native who are doing fresh takes on things without resorting to the hype machine. I think it is just easier to acquire credibility by buying a collab with an influencer doing some minor mods on an existing silhouette…. but we are digressing. Beck to some sketch fu.

I’ve been in Portland this week, so it got me thinking about some boots to weather the rain in.


sketching • Re: doodling

The Subarus of the early 90′s (that a lot of people loved) were designed by Peter Stevens… who is Peter Stevens? Never heard go him? … Well, he is the guy that designed the McLaren F1… yup, the guy the designed the McLaren F1 also designed the Subaru Legacy and Impreza… that is some range. He also did the 80′s Lotus Esprit update and Elan. a fun guy to follow on facebook, he posts a lot of auto design process insight and analysis.