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Ryan_T_Genena wrote:
designbreathing wrote:
Can you share any final presentation evaluation criteria for student universal design projects?

Cheers from Seoul

I am one of the students in the class, however, I think this information from the syllabus will answer your question to my best ability.

“Designed solutions provide some kind of interface between the user, the object, and the environment. Examine the relationships between our bodies and the built environment. We will utilize both anthropometrics and field testing to design objects with which we physically engage our bodies.”

Research (20%), Visual Presentation (20%), Craftsmanship (20%), Process (20%), and Human Factors (20%).

You can also refer to the competition criteria at

edit: my peers also had significantly varying degrees of sensitivity. One of the criteria our professor tried to push us towards was to design with empathy. Here’s some more information on the assignment criteria from the project brief:

Option 1 - “Develop a product/prototype that embraces and utilizes the ideas and principles of Universal Design for use at home” as an entry into the USC School of Gerontology Universal Design Competition.
Option 2 - Choose your own adventure. Identify a product category with opportunities for ergonomic improvement and design a new product that overcomes the problems that you uncover during the research phase of the project.

What is that competition, could you tell me more about that competition, please?

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Really digging that petrol station edition coffee maker. A few refinements to think about:

1) could the shape of the drip tray echo the upside down us shape of the flat surface it fits on?
2) does that orange thing on the side need to be there under the cup dispenser? Feels superfluous and would be an extra part ($$$)

These are some of the things I think about when I look at sketches. I might do an overlay of that one if you are cool with it.

sketching • Re: sketch feedback please

These show you have a good basic understanding. One piece of advice I thunk you could benefit from is sketch first, render second.

The things you should be exploring, defining, and communicating in the sketch are the core idea, proportion, function, aesthetic concept, rough concept of manufacturing approach.

Once you have those things sorted you can begin to render color, material, finishes in a persuasive way.

It becomes difficult to evaluate these sketches because the core idea is not evident yet. What do these product do? What scale are they? The answers to these key questions should be evident in the drawing.

For example, I might guess that the first sketch is a handheld vacuum? Is that the best view to show the design? Is the handgrip proportionate to the body? Should there be a larger disc collection chamber and motor housing?

I’d love to see the answers to these questions in some follow up sketches.