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design employment • Re: Got laid off… want to relocate, but where to?

So i have to disagree, I was given very much the same information as Yo had been given early in my career. I am now close to 50 and (still 4 years but close enough) and my job opportunities are more then they where over the last 15 years. And i have the ability to move into different areas, with my creative thinking and ability to strategically look at innovative options and solutions. And this goes beyond developing physical products. By sixty i hope that i am retired and have gone back to consulting and sharing my knowledge of design and development at a high level to help companies speed up their leanings and reduce their mistakes. (or i could be in a retirement home)….. I have also worked with some designers who are at 60 plus and they are at the top of their career and extremely respect by the companies that retain the them. In the end we all have different experiences and mental models which shape our perception.


general design discussion • Re: Studio printer recommendations?

Thanks Andy and iab. Appreciate it. I was going a little crazy reading so much about printers on Sunday :-) I ended up going with this guy: … UTF8&psc=1 and I think for anything high res I’ll continue to use kinkos. Their online printing tools are decent and I’ve been doing a lot of posters through them. I don’t want the hassle of a plotter in the studio yet.

sketching • Re: Yo! 2017 sketch a day

250gb wrote:
yo wrote:30 minute sneaker sketch. 1underlay.

Real nice..

Michael Do you ever use french curves etc to get those perfect lines or is it just pure freehand skill?


Thank you. They are all freehand. I explore the shapes with the underlay, not caring about my lines (like in the Volvo sketch image). When I put the clean sheet over top I concentrate on hitting the lines correctly, making only small changes to the design. I did use a straight edge for the ground plane.

general design discussion • Re: Blue Clover Studios?

Mr-914 wrote:
I don’t intend to be mean to this studio, but I feel that every studio says they are unique because they can do design: concept through to production. It’s not unique if everyone claims the same thing.

Since they design packaging and are owned by Berry Plastics, an injection molder, blow-molder, etc. of packaging, they actually can back up their claim. Their design may be a bit biased toward their owners but that’s why they are part of Berry Plastics.