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software and technology • Re: CAD Render-Rama

MK19 wrote:
Lowe9 wrote:I create each of the plies as a separate body in SolidWorks so that way a distinct material can be applied to each body. I first create the primary surface, then thicken, then copy the bottom surface, thicken again, etc etc for each of the plies. This technique has the advantage of creating edges that are normal to each of the surfaces which is great for modeling molded plywood. I apply a darker wood material to the alternating plies when rendered to help mimic the different grain directions.

I have done this before come to remember. I have seen some amazing plywood renders where they have used textures though.

Endgrain textures aren’t the hard part – it’s being able to get a good UV mapping especially for something that’s can’t be roughed in with a cubic map.

Hard when you’re working in Keyshot or most typical ID tools unless you export to an interim tool like Blender/Maya/Max to do the UV unwrapping.

This video seems to have a good overview of the process for Blender (which is free) if anyone wants to get fancy:

general design discussion • I made a countdown timer for workshops

In my current job, I’m doing lots of workshops. I find time keeping can be difficult, so I was looking for a countdown timer online and couldn’t find any that’s big, easy to use, accurate and didn’t have obnoxious sounds. So I made one myself! Big Timer is a full screen countdown timer for work stuff, like meetings, workshops and presentations.

Because it’s for work I even took the effort to make it work in Internet Explorer. I had a lot of fun making this, learned a ton about modern web development. Right now, its features may look limited, but there are some nice things, like the + and – buttons that you can hold and set a duration super fast. It’s all optimized for quick handling while staying focused on the participants.

I hope it can be of use to anyone here. Please let me know how I can improve it for your work context!