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Hi Sadie:

I recently moved into a new studio/office space, it might not be permanent, so my budget for desk/chair was very low, I commissioned a local carpenter 2 sawhorses and a sheet of plywood, he came back with a nice white melamine covered one, although I would have been fine with unfinished, the whole setup was about $80 :


What I want to say, is that although I always wanted to have a massive drawing desk like this one ( it’s 96″x 48″x 1″ ) I barely use more than the space in front of the computer, it’s ideal for laying down tens of thumbnails, but since I put up a foam board ($10) I never use it for that, although it has proven handy for quick prototype and fabric cutting where I actually use the space behind and to the sides, but if your main activity is sketching is amazing how little space one actually needs.

I also wanted to mention that rather than a drafting table consider investing in a cheap Cintiq alternative ( $400) or at the least a tablet ($100) , drawing materials and life giving coffee/tea : )

Also also this:


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