Intel wants driverless car trips to be like riding in the Batmobile

Intel and Warner Bros. propose that future augmented reality entertainment could transform driverless car trips into ...

With some surveys finding the average American spending close to an hour per day behind the wheel of their car, the looming autonomous vehicle (AV) disruption is causing some to ask, what will people do with all this extra free time? Intel and Warner Bros. are already on the job, announcing a new partnership to develop what they are calling “in-cabin immersive experiences” designed to keep you entertained while you are being chauffeured around in your autonomous car.

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Heartbeat tracker becomes first FDA-approved medical device for the Apple Watch

AliveCor’s KardiaBand is based on the same electrocardiogram (EKG) technology seen its earlier products

The health-tracking potential of the Apple Watch might just be one of the device’s stronger selling points. These capabilities are now set to expand with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today clearing the first medical device for the Apple Watch, in the form of a sensor that tucks into the band to detect irregular heartbeats.

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Fingersound ring allows discreet control of devices with thumb gestures

The Fingersound thumb ring allows connected devices to be controlled with thumb gestures

A thumb ring for controlling digital devices may seem like the latest in a long line of interface gimmicks, but there’s method to this jewelry madness. The Fingersound ring developed by researchers at Georgia Tech features built-in microphones and gyroscopes that allow the wearer to discreetly give commands or input data to connected devices by tracing lines and characters on their fingers with their thumb.

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Unico mouthpiece is claimed to brush your teeth in just 3 seconds

In the three seconds it takes to clean your teeth you can touch up your hair

Back in July we reported on the Amabrush, a motorized mouthpiece that reportedly cleaned all your teeth in just 10 seconds. For those who felt that was still way too much time to be wasting cleaning your teeth we introduce the Unico, a smartbrush mouthpiece that is claimed to brush your teeth in just three seconds.

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sketching • Re: What are your sketching shortcuts?

Well, this thread went south fast.

If it is a complex product with multiple “different” areas then sketch each area separately so you don’t get overwhelmed.
Sketch in a room without internet or phones….so you don’t get distracted.
Maybe separate your sessions into blue sky, middle of road and realistic.
Set deadlines time/budgets. If not, you’ll be stuck in an endless sketching loop. We all wish we had more time but in reality we have a set amount of time. Maybe set mini goals like do 3 solid concepts one day, focus on manufacturability another day, then improve on them another day, etc.
Do some mood boards to get started. After a few days make new ones or revised ones based on what you found out through your sketching.

sketching • Re: What are your sketching shortcuts?

yah, went a little old school c77 forums for a hot minute there.

This isn’t a list of shortcuts, but more of a list of things to be thinking about. Given to me by one of my professors in school. I’ve used it when teaching from time to time.

PERSPECTIVE >> are you honestly constructing the design by drawing through the form?

PROPORTION >> Rational scaling of elements. Do the overall form and details feel right? Inten- tional control of the proportion.

LINE QUALITY >> Thicks and Thins! Be calligraphic. Control your drawing tools. CONTRAST >> ultra bright to super dark, does it read?

VOLUME >> Consistent output for your ability. Are you giving it 110% every day? Think on the page, don’t edit your ideas.

CONTENT >> One concise theme, not several designs on one sketch. One core idea with sup- porting ideas. How does the design go beyond something subjective that you like and become an objective solution for the intended user?

VARIETY >> No two designs are the same. Investigate all the options, go down every road, turn over every stone. Show that you have breadth to your design abilities.

HARMONY >> Design is cohesive.

CLARITY >> Design direction is obvious, clearly visually communicated. Can the sketch speak for itself?

FLAIR >> Control and liberties taken to create interest for the viewer. Can I see that again? Wow factor and pop. Does it Jump off the page?

general design discussion • Re: Is Industrial Design Very Technical / Engineering Relate

No problem. There’s all sorts of ways to get a design education, and you’re limited to colleges if you’re looking to work somewhere that prefers the designer to have a degree. Of course, a degree is more than just a certificate. The 4 year design college experience does well to develop and nurture a design mindset. You can try with a master’s degree. Whether that’s a better option or not is subjective I think.

If you know the places you’d like to work at, you can be more strategic about how you work on projects and develop your portfolio. Do you have imagery of work you’re drawn to? Post them up here and we can talk about it.

The thing is, designers solve problems. Everything can be improved in some way, especially when you consider a specific user. There are constraints that designers have to work within in order to develop products that are successful on the market. Being mechanically inclined and able to think through technicalities helps with discovering opportunities and resolving problems. Yes, this engineering aspect can be intimidating. However, being able to break out of one’s comfort zone and try new things, seek improvement in one’s own abilities, and being curious for how things work are some valuable traits for a designer to have.