On-the-spot narcotics scanning gets smaller and cheaper

A prototype NarcoScan device

In police work, it’s important to be able to prove that what you suspect is a narcotic really is a narcotic. Needless to say, the faster you can do so, the better. It is with this in mind that Spectral Engines (a spinoff company from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) is creating a portable drug-screening device. It’s described as “the first re-usable pocket-sized scanner for police patrols.”

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MV Agusta refines the rare and collectible Dragster 800 RC

The 2018 MV Agusta 800 RC is a limited variant of the Dragster series

The limited RC version of the naked Dragster 800 has received a discrete update, invisible from the outside, yet extensive enough to make a difference. A series of mechanical changes aim to bring the triple-cylinder motor up to par with the latest emission norms without compromising its fiery character.

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How Windows Mixed Reality wants to tempt you into mid-range VR

Minecraft is one of the titles already available for Windows Mixed Reality

You may well have heard of Mixed Reality headsets, lower cost VR devices that work with Windows 10, and it’s likely you’ll be hearing much more about them in the months ahead. So how do they compare with the premium headsets and mobile VR devices? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Ares X-Raid spices the Mercedes G-Class up with Italian flair

The 760-hp Ares X-Raid is ready to speed down pavement or dirt

Bored with the same old Wranglers and G-Classes but not so sure you want to go all-out Rezvani Tank? New bespoke shop Ares Design offers a different option, completing making over the Mercedes-AMG G63 into the sportier, more modern X-Raid with all that Graz-built ruggedness below. For good measure, it drops an extra 200 hp in while cutting 440 lb (200 kg) with help from plenty of carbon fiber.

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design employment • Re: i’m probably doing it wrong…

Doesn’t hurt, though I ‘m not sure I’d put myself in that crowd. I am willing to work twice as hard at it though and I try my best not to be a jerk about it. Not trying to brad with those dashboards, just pointing out how cool it is that you can see all that stuff! I’m not a premium LinkedIn member or anything, just utilizing all the free tools. I’ve been chipping away at this for years, it is a cumulative thing.

design employment • Re: Contacted by Linkedin Recruiter

At first she wouldn’t reveal the name of the company hiring until we met so that seemed odd.
But I just interviewed with the recruiter, the opportunity seems pretty legit fortunately.

Found out I’m one of three prospects so I feel good about my chances on getting a second interview.
Handed off the resume with link to online portfolio so the balls in their court now!

portfolios • Re: what’s in an experienced designer’s portfolio? School me

rkuchinsky wrote:
How you think, how you work and what you can do is more important that what you have done. People should be hiring you for you can do for them in the future, not necessarily what you’ve done in the past.

If you can show this though “new” process, sketches, examples and a combination of go to market stuff you’ve done you should be OK.


PS. Always have a backup.

the timeliness of the failure was hilariously poor, the hard drive literally went out during trying to do a backup! i thought i had a redundant drive but thought wrong…that one would be interested in how a person will fit in/perform instead of what they have previously done makes sense, i just want to try represent the work at least on the level expected

yo wrote:
I think once you get beyond the 10 year mark, your reputation does a lot of the work for you. Other than that I usually show finished work (products, websites, branding, experiences) with a brief (3 sentence) description of my contribution, maybe a little process as back up.

don’t know if i’ll ever be at the level where i have the type reputation that will create opportunities for me, but hopefully i will have done enough to where i can be useful…easier said than done but being concise is definitely something i need to work on

thanks to you both!