general design discussion • Re: I’m at a crossroads.

Hey TSE2,

I think at this stage in your schooling, do both and show both in your portfolio; and when it makes sense do a cross-over project that blends the two categories.

The two industries have a lot of similarities and they both influence each other.

TSE2 wrote:
I notice with a lot of industrial designers, especially the younger ones coming right out of school, they have portfolios specifically focused for what companies they want to work for.

Definitely tailor it to the industry you are applying, make sure they can tell immediately that you’re genuinely passionate about the field. But do you need 8 shoe projects if you’re trying to get a shoe job, probably not.

I don’t think it’s a smart move to have a hyper focused and narrow portfolio coming straight out of school. No one is going to be an expert in a field fresh out the gate, and no employee is expecting that. But by showing your range and flexibility to work in multiple categories, solve problems and use a refined designed aesthetic throughout you’re showing them more of your potential as a hire.

general design discussion • Re: Best Bike and Design Store in Your City

jon_winebrenner wrote:
This is all awesome, everyone! Thanks.

I’m going to be in Chicago in October and my brother lives in Portland. So, those two locations are high on my hit list.

I really appreciate all the links….please keep them coming. Remember I’m looking Global…so no location is out bounds.

Then go to Barcelona and look at this place: and let me know what you think. It’s so over the top it’s either brilliant, or crazy…

general design discussion • Kickstarter: Hedge

Hi All,

I wanted to share Hedge, a Kickstarter project by my sister-in-law and brother.

Hedge is Kickstarter’s Project of the Day today and have raised over $20,000 within the last two days. They are already fully funded at about 3x their goal so I thought it would be okay to share.

I’m really proud of their efforts. I think they’ve executed this campaign beautifully. Great imagery, story, graphics and campaign strategy. I’m really excited to see them turn this into a business.

Check it out.


footwear & softgoods • Re: Furniture Inspired Footwear – ON GOING PROJECT

Sain wrote:
Also don’t think the shoe has to be a performance piece at all, but more of a fashion statement.

That’s an okay position to take, but seems different than the Eames heritage you are aspiring to. The material wasn’t about fashion, it was about utility. I also wouldn’t brand it Nike in that case, choose more of a fashion brand, or create your own brand around it.

portfolios • Portfolio Critique

Hi guys, I have just been introduced to this site by a colleague over at my internship company. I am currently a final year student taking a Diploma in Product and Industrial Design in a polytechnic here in Singapore. This is my current portfolio which I used to enter my internship company and it would be great if I could be given advice on how to improve on it such that i can get a placement in University.

I am open to harsh critics so please feel free to give your feedback. Thanks in advance!