2014 FIFA, Adriana Lima and the Joy and Innovation of Futbol in the USA

By Kent Zimmerman
Supermodel Adriana Lima appears on Joe Sixpack’s driveway and converts his Major League Baseball man cave into an international futbol haven. Next, Adriana drives up in a Kia, then sashays across a suburban American football practice field and with one single kick, declares football…futbol!…the summer sport of 2014. It’s a creative bit of two-pronged marketing…an innovative statement not only pushing a Kia automobile, but equally, tauting the world’s most popular sport, futbol, pronounced “foot-ball,” currently worming its way into the North American psyche.
Okay, you got my attention.
If I’m any indication of the average USA viewer, the gradual weaving of futbol’s international spell over North American audiences seems to be working, or at least on me. Eight years ago, I could give a hang. Four years ago, my interest started to pique. This year, I’ve put MLB on the back burner for a month, and have turned my attention to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I’m following three matches a day, morning, noon and afternoon (West Coast Time), none of them really having to do with Adriana Lima, or


Forget Reality TV, Bring On More Reality Art! Orange Is The New Black Rolls Out Season 2…It’s Creative and It’s Innovative!

By Kent Zimmerman
One of the largest innovations in television over the past 20+ years has been the reality TV genre. I first saw it in London when I watched in awe/horror a half hour show about an ordinary somebody moving from one dingy house to another. It was called, I think…Moving. Soon reality television hit our shores, and especially after the last Writers Guild strike a few years back, reality TV took its stranglehold over basic cable programming. For better or for worse “unscripted” TV and amateur hour talent shows overtook scripted drama and comedy. Mind you, I’m not talking about participatory journalism, as “invented” by George Plimpton (Paper Lion: Confessions of a Last String Quarterback) or Morgan “Supersize Me” Spurlock, a la his latest docu-series on CNN (Inside Man). I’m talking knock-down, drag-out housewives, failing restaurants, biker gangs and Kardashians au go go. Real/faked cinema verite.
Cut to a subject I know a little bit about. Prisons. Been volunteer teaching inside a couple of them over the past ten years. Got to know the system and hundreds of inmates. Even