Miles At Fillmore: An Enemy of Organizational Stagnation, A Proponent of Creative Chaos

By Keith Zimmerman 
Innovation is currently THE hot business topic in this new, chaotic and disruptive world economy. And as in every forward-thinking enterprise, everyone is now required to innovate: employers, employees, managers, engineers and leaders from Silicon Valley to the Sudan to Shenzhen, China.
We at Masters-of-Innovation.com believe if you want to lead a successful small business or a large company in 2014, you need a bit of a jazz trumpet player Miles Davis perspective on innovation. Miles’ musical career was a bellwether of constant change and permutation, much like what business leaders across the world navigate on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis. Nobody built successful teams, weathered changes and shifted directions in
a marketplace like Miles Davis. He showed the same boldness and courage that’s required every day in running, starting up or working within a fast company. Miles operated in constant motion amid volatility, change and flux, revolution and reincarnation. He reinvented himself and his music several times, and took chances with every new record he released between 1949 (bebopping with iconic saxophonist Charlie Parker) and 1992 (collaborating with a